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Make special occasions especially special!

Wickseys are dedicated to giving you the best possible cleaning experience of any form, but we know how important it is that you and your items are especially immaculate on special occasions. Our Specialist Cleaning Service gives you this security and we will clean your specialist items with extreme care, from that beautiful dress on your wedding day, to your expensive everyday suede, leather and sheepskin clothing.


Your wedding dress can be cleaned and boxed to help preserve your dress for years to come. The wedding dress box we offer are beautifully designed and finished with fine details of a lace trim and ribbon. The dress will be packed with acid free tissue and placed inside the beautiful strong and durable box to help preserve the life of your wedding dress.


Wickseys have a suede, leather and sheepskin service to keep garments looking clean and fresh. It is advised to have your skin items cleaned before you put them away to store for the following year. We also clean skin rugs and sheepskin boots.

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Our offers:


         Wedding Dresses:

                     ► Prices start from £90.00


         Suede, Leather and Sheepskin:

                    ► Suede/Leather Coat: £39.99

                    ► Suede/Leather Jacket: £34.99

                    ► Suede/Leather Trousers: £26.99

                    ► Suede/Leather Skirt: £24.99

                    ► Skin Rugs from £22.99

                    ► Sheepskin Boots: £25.00



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